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Located in the heart of the Tauranga city, Otumoetai Cadets Cricket Club enjoy the use of picturesque grounds attached to the Running Stadium.  Furnished with their own club rooms, changing rooms kitchen and bar facilities, there is adequate parking available in off street bays that run parallel to the stadium and on the opposite side of Cameron Road.  

There are three ...


Club Committee

The club committee is made up of volunteers who have been at the club for some time now, their experience and passion for cricket has and continues to inspire the generations of those coming after them to continue to play and administer the game at a high level.



A HISTORY of Success

On the 25 November 2017, a significant highlight in the history of the Otumoetai Cadets Cricket Club came to pass, when they held a celebratory dinner as part of the clubs 40th Anniversary celebrations.

The cricket club originated from Otumoetai Cadets Rugby Club, with a rugby jersey of the time on the wall at Cadets headquarters at the Tauranga Domain, recognizing the link between the two clubs.

Otumoetai Cadets was formed in 1978 with the Tauranga Domain becoming home base. While success was moderate in the early years, the clubs first Williams Cup in the 1994/95 season started a significant winning streak. A five straight Williams Cup titles from their initial success was followed by further titles in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2010 and 2017 to take their record to ten in two decades.


Club Coach - Sam Owen

Sam is a qualified ECB Diploma cricket coach, with over 10 years experience, passing his first qualification back in 2008 as an ECB Level 2 coach, and has since progressed up the ladder.

 Sam has a wealth of experience and huge passion for cricket and improving players.  Sam has coached at a large and very successful club back in England with a proven track record to match, from young budding cricketers through to 1st XI and County players.

Whether it be technical, tactical, physical, mental or general well being towards the great game, Sam assists players of all levels who play for the club to succeed during our Thursday club practice sessions , in an environment and practice that brings out the best in any cricketer and develops a culture of success.


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Tauranga Domain, Cameron Road, Tauranga